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Early Leaders

  • In 1908 Seminole County physicians Dr. Jerome Bruce, Dr. De V. Howard and Dr. O.W. King were among the founders of the Orange County Medical Society. Click on a picture for information about these early Seminole County medical leaders.

First SCMS President

  • In 1927, Dr. Samuel Puleston was elected as the first SCMS President. Click on the picture for information about Dr. Puleston.

Charles Park, Sr, MD

  • A sketch of Dr. Charles Park, Sr., drawn by his son and noted cartoonist, Bill Park. When Dr. Park began his practice in Seminole County in 1924, his only offer of credibility at his young age was that he was as bald as a bowling ball. His son sketched this picture of him with hair as a joke. Click the picture to enlarge.

Past FMA Presidents

  • Dr. Luis Perez - 1985

    Dr. Richard Bagby - 1996

    Seminole County members who have served as FMA Presidents. Dr. Bagby holds membership in both Orange and Seminole County Medical Societies, and was OCMS President in 1986.

SCMS Logos

  • SCMS LOGO 1927-2007

    SCMS LOGO 2007+